Moodboard Black

  • $ 19.00
Looking for the perfect novelty gift that will impress even the toughest critic? Look no further than our Moodboard Desk Plaque with Magnetic Letters! This stocking stuffer is not your ordinary desk accessory – it's a creative masterpiece waiting to happen. With the ability to rearrange the magnetic letters, this plaque allows you to express your mood, leave quirky messages, or unleash your creative genius. It's the ultimate fun home decor that guarantees endless entertainment for kids and adults alike. Whether you need a unique birthday gift or a Secret Santa surprise, this desk plaque has got you covered. Fall into the holiday season with a touch of charm and loveliness that will light up any room. So why settle for boring desk decor when you can have a versatile, mood-boosting masterpiece? Get your Moodboard Desk Plaque with Magnetic Letters now and add a touch of wit and whimsy to your day!